Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Deck - "Black Deck EP" now available via Utupuu

Black Deck, the project of Olli Niemitalo & Joonatan Elokuu has a new EP available as a download via Utupuu.

2011 - Black Deck - Black Deck EP (UTUPUU04)

1. I - Spore Transmission
2. II - Smoke Signal
3. III - Telephone

Olli Niemitalo - Black Deck, field recordings, electronics
Joonatan Elokuu - electric guitar, vocals
Kata Havahu - saxophone
Helena Halla - additional vocals

Lyrics on "II - Smoke Signal" were taken from the song "The Nights" by Lee Hazlewood.

All music on this EP was created by Black Deck in early 2011.

Mixed & Mastered by Olli Niemitalo


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