Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joonatan Elokuu - Mushroom Heart: limited handpacked CD-R released.

Download from http://kiiltomatolyhty.bandcamp.com/

In cooperation with Hear Records, we have released a limited CDr version of 'Mushroom Heart'. This edition comes in handpacked nature-friendly cardboard sleeve with alternate cover art. Not only does the cover art & packaging differ from the version that will be released by Hear, the songs on the limited edition are mixed differently. Numbered 1-100. This release will be sold through Kiiltomatolyhty, at shows & during our wayward adventures from August onwards, for the meagre price of 8e (+2e postage).

"Mushroom Heart was recorded & finished during years 2006-2008. The recording process was divided in to three sessions; the first (roughly around 2006) was connected to a period of vagrancy & wandering around Scotland/British Isles, while the second session (2007) was inspired by time spent in hermitage in a cabin by a small lake in Northern Finland. The third (2008) was connected to a longer drop-out in the Himalayas in North India, where the ideas for the next album were also conceived. The album was recorded in various different locations, and the instrumentation was largely dependant on what was available at the time. The songs on the album have evolved from the work Joonatan did with his previous project, Aura Shining Green. The album documents a transition from improvised, free-form acoustic music towards a more structural and song-based approach. The CD-r edition is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Mushroom Heart will be followed by a LP exploring this sound further, and an EP of more minimalistic songs with a single instrument/voice, in vein of the live shows Joonatan has been playing with his wife Helena."

Tracklist [extended]:

1. Adieu to Old Finland - Trees, Stones, Earth
2. Rain Falls Hard on Camden Town
3. Purjehduslaulu
4. The Little White Road
5. The Calling of Crows Beckons Us Home
6. A Hushed Lullaby (To the Old Windmill)
7. Hedgehog Sanctuary
8. Willowisp Lantern
9. Solmu Loputtomalla Langalla
10. As Fair as Gilead - Anneli

'Adieu to Old Finland' is based on a traditional song
'Purjehduslaulu' lyrics were written by Maija-Liisa Kauppinen
'The Little White Road' lyrics by Thora Stowell, music by Donovan P. Leitch
'As Fair As Gilead' is a rendition of 'Solomon's Song' by Clive Palmer (C.O.B)
Cover artwork & additional vocals by Helena Halla
Mastering by Mikko Määttä.

This is the first official release available through Utupuu.